Welcome to Disha

With the rate and pace of growth of medical knowledge, we felt it is necessary to have a platform to share an unbiased knowledge and updates amongst the Practicing physicians, diabetologists, cardiologists and endocrinologists. To fulfill this need we got together under the guidance of our Patrons forming DISHA. As the name suggests, DISHA provides the right direction for this venture!

The medical information and practice are divided and debated upon between the importance of Eminence Biased medicine versus the Evidence Based medicine. Within this umbrella, our team has Senior Patrons and renowned leaders in the field who are imparting their knowledge and wisdom to the upcoming medical fraternity. Besides we have a very knowledgeable young, enthusiastic, dynamic Committee driving these CMEs.

The forum aims to bring in the latest medical information to the practicing Diabetologist and Physicians, enabling them to practice as per the current guidelines – Evidence based medicine and also revisits and reemphasize the basic medical information, guided by our Patrons–Eminent’s Biased Medicine

We also keep in mind the importance of pharmaceutical industry in organizing such CMEs and intend to work together in disseminating the knowledge among our peers. These measures we hope would go a long way to put India as a Model State – The ‘Diabetes Care Capital of the World’ and look towards a ‘Swasth Bharath’.

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