What We Do

 What We Do


1. Supporting Education for children of ground level staff:

As ground level staff are forced to work in remote areas, away from their families and not paid adequately, their children are often deprived of lack of good education facilities. This results in poor education.

We can help such children by providing scholarship and additional support to access quality education. This will encourage them to progress well in their education and there by enable them to get better jobs once they complete their education.

As a model, we had identified a boy, son of a forest watcher, as a bright prospect and provided scholarship to him, amounting to Rs. 25,000 per year for the last five years. This helped the student in gaining access to better educational facilities, resulting in better academic performance and eventually Helping the student to join “Bachelor of Engineering” in a reputed educational institution in the state. Currently he is in 5th Semester, securing an average of 80% marks in “Bachelor of Engineering”, having a bright prospect for a job. This has given us immense pleasure and motivation to carry out many more such initiatives Similar support can be provided in larger scale to the children of the ground level staff working at Bhadra Tiger Reserve.

To support education for 150 children of the ground level staff working in Bhadra Tiger Reserve, following cost will be involved:

Students Age Scholarship Per Student Number of Students Total

Depending on the funds available, we can choose to vary the number of students we support, who can be selected based on merit/current academic performance, age group etc. Hence, this project can be scaled based on the funding available for this welfare activity.

2. Supporting families of ground level staff to earn additional income:

As ground level staff are forced to work in remote areas, away from their families and not paid adequately. This results in leading a poorer quality of life.

We can help such families generate additional income by supporting them in creating/running small occupations such as livestock farming, poultry farming, milk production, tailoring, candle making etc.

Small & very low interest loans can be provided to families to start such small occupations, and arrangements shall be made to recover the loan in a periodic manner. As and when the loan is repaid, more families can be supported with the same funds.
Approximately, Rs. 50,000 loan can be provided to a family, which can be recovered over a period of 1 year and the same amount shall be used to support new family in the next year.

Depending on the funds available, we can start with supporting 20 to 50 families per year and continue with the support year on year with the repaid loan.

3. Providing health coverage to the families:

In association with GT Foundation medical wing, we could extend the health care facilities to these families who are cut off from the real world. As we have adopted the nearby villages, we could extend the wellness facility to the ground level staff families with an additional minimum expenditure. In this context we shortly are distributing ‘First Aid Kits’ to these families.


Disha To Environmnet

Forest has no boundaries; we may not be concerned about the borders & geography of many countries especially if they are not sharing the borders with our Nation. But all ofus should be concerned about the forest areas of every Nation because Ecosystem is universal and impacts the earth in total, not limited to one country.

Our future lies in these forests where our roots originally had been… Vasudhaiva kutumbakam (Vasudha = Earth, eva = Indeed, kutumbakam = family) Earth indeed is one family ….

Karnataka has forest cover of ~20% of its geographical area, which is around the same as the country’s average forest cover. Only 3.3% of the total area is identified as protected area.

Though protected forest cover is sparse, importance of the same can never be undermined. Forests are very important habitats of this planet, and have a huge role to play in producing important natural resources like fresh air & water and also preserving the rich soil from erosion.

In-spite-of the important role they play, often forests receive meager attention for their protection, management, conservation and improvement. State government’s Forest Department holds the responsibility of managing the forests, however the investments made towards the same is highly inadequate.

Ground level staff of Forest Department is often plagued with issues like under staffing and deprived of any niche training, posted in difficult terrains (deep inside the jungles), away from their homes and deprived of all the facilities which one would normally have. They are under paid and usually over aged.

They are also often constrained by lack of adequate infrastructure, vehicles, buildings, weapons and facilities.

Families of staff of Forest Department also have no option, but to live in remote locations which have very little medical facilities and education options for their children.

Approximately 200 ground level staff works at Bhadra Tiger Reserve, who are living in these circumstances, silently working for all of us who enjoy every amenities offered to us without even realizing let alone acknowledging the forest and its ground level workers….


The medical wing of GT Foundation has a vision of providing health services to the community and continued medical education to the local practicing doctors, paramedics and health care workers.

We would achieve this target through:

We look forward to achieve our goal with our esteem panel of doctors, their knowledge and commitment.

We also look forward for patronage from Pharmaceutical companies, Government and Non governmental organizations.

Dr. Manohar KN
Medical Director.